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Our Promise to You

Cosmetics do not make miracles, but we will give you an honest promise of better skin

Reasonable Price

Are pricey skincare products worth it? The answer is “no.” The only way to determine whether they are worth the cost is the actual result of your skin. We develop effective formula, but with a reasonable price, to help you to have a better skin. 


Based on the principle of honesty, we transparently disclose not only the ingredients, but its amount used in the formula. Many companies tend to put only a bit of ingredient in a formula at levels too low to benefit skin (for example, 0.01%) and still claim all the benefits of the ingredient on the packaging. 

We are different - we’ve made a strict rule to the amount of the ingredient. “If it’s not going to benefit your skin, it’s not going in our formula.” Rather, we use sufficient ingredients to the level that actually does the work and claim its benefits with honesty. 

Seek for Improvement

We try our best to adjust our products to the changing needs to improve customer experience. While the environment & skin conditions change along time, most companies do not necessarily improve their products as it requires time & energy. We prioritize communication with our customers and take all the feedback seriously to meet their changing needs.

Focus on Formula

We spend more on the formula than on the bottle. Luxurious & exquisite packaging often distracts consumers from the main purpose of purchasing; however, what they really need to consider is the “formula” inside. We believe in the power of the formula and thus solely focus on what’s inside the bottle.


In beauty industry, companies often promise impossible miracles with the statement saying that “it will change your skin...” Here we do not promise a miraculous result, but we promise you a better skin in a way the product claims to do and is actually possible. 

Sharing Both Good & Bad

We accept both advantages & disadvantages of a formula and limit the use of the product depending on a skin type. There is no such thing as ‘wonder’ product that meets everyone’s needs as we all have different skin type. 

Exaggeration only distracts consumer’s choice and leads to negative customer experience. We honestly communicate with our customers with a hope that our commitment to it would change their perspective of beauty industry.